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tarlanx: (TV - Eureka Jack Nathan)

Tarlan's Place

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Created on 2009-05-01 07:10:39 (#150686), last updated 2019-02-17 (3 days ago)

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Name:TARLAN (tarlanx)
Birthdate:Mar 5
Website:Tarlan's Fiction on AO3
I've been a fan of TV and movies for as long as I can recall and have been involved in fandom before it ever made it 'big' on the internet :-) I started out in fandom with a love of Classic Star Trek followed by involvement in a number of other fandoms and favorite actors - V (Michael Ironside), seaQuest, Eric Close, Nick Lea, Karl Urban (Riddick films), Michael Biehn, Magnificent Seven, David Hewlett and Stargate Atlantis, and now Colin Ferguson and Ed Quinn better known as Jack Carter and Nathan Stark in Eureka. There are plenty more movies and shows that I simply adore such as Jurassic Park, West Wing, House, CSI, CSI Miami... the list is endless!!

The next question is why would anyone want to friend me?

Hmm...well I will post fairly regularly though hopefully not so much that you'd throw your hands in the air, screaming and running away. I don't mind playing the odd meme and quiz game and I will share my fiction here, often before posting it to one of my archives.

I do have the occasional rant about the unfairness of life and have been known to use the occasional swear word - evil grin.

Want to find all my stories?


I am happy for anyone to create fiction, art, podfics, fanmixes for or from ANY of my work. All I ask is that I am credited with the original idea/inspiration and you send me the link so I can enjoy your creation too!

Well...that's all folks!!

Thanks to:
Insomniax for some of the wonderful free textures I have used as backgrounds to fanart.
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